Multi Round / Square

Eyeleds® Multi, a single, linkable version of the popular ‘Floorleds’, floor lighting system, features a built-in depth of just 6.5mm and offers revolutionary possibilities to be creative with light.

The Eyeleds® Multi has two 80cm cables with a male and female IP67 plug connector, pre-attached.

Eyeleds® Multi can be used as interior design accents, guide or night-lights. Additionally, this system can be installed into existing flooring by accessing the floor below to link the connectors together through a basement or crawl space.


Leds  Leds  Leds  Leds


Features & Benefits

  • Easy to install, recess mounted LED luminaires
  • Multis are recess mounted and require a min. floor thickness of only 7mm
  • Long lifespan of up to 100.000 hours
  • Energy-efficient: round versions consume only 0.3W and square 0.6W
  • Solid construction can withstand 285kg of walkover pressure
  • Available in round and square shapes with a stainless finish
  • Available with cool white, warm white, blue or amber LEDS


  • Floor & wall coverings
  • Stair treads, stringers & risers
  • Baseboards, profiles & wainscoting
  • Countertops & cabinets


Leds   Leds   Leds   Leds


Dimensions - Round Multi



Dimensions - Square Multi



Example Connection Diagram



Installation Diagram


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