Highly insulated door system with old building router

Heroal 90 ES profile    

The heroal 90 ES door system offers a versatile range of functions, combined with optimum heat insulation and static values. All common types of opening can be constructed with the 3-chamber profile and its offset exterior old building router. All required system components are developed and tested by heroal. The 90 ES system offers efficient and reliable door solutions,even for heavily used entrance areas.

Heroal 100 ES cross section    


  • Heat insulation: Uf ≥ 1,0 W / m²K
  • U value adjustment using modular insulation zone construction
  • Thermal lock for the fitting rebate
  • Meets all requirements of the EnEV* 2009, as well as the
    pending more stringent requirements of EnEV 2012
Heroal Profile catalog

90ES katalog



  • 3-chamber profile system
  • Patented, warp-resistant compound
  • Construction depth: 82 mm
  • Burglary resistance: up to resistance class 2 with multi-point locking
  • Wind load resistance: C3 / B5
  • Tightness against driving rain: 5A



  • Soundproofing classes: 1 – 3



  • Variable external views: frames 60 – 154 mm, casements
    70 – 104 mm, cross bars 74 – 254 mm
  • Can be constructed as framed casement or with base
  • Opening types: inward and outward opening, French window inward and outward opening
  • Max. door clearance: 2,500 mm
  • Max. casement weight: 250 kg
  • Colour design with high-quality hwr powder coating




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